picinic [ˈpɪknɪk] n 1. a common mispronunciation of my last name. 2. a common misspelling of my last name. 3. You're not even close to my last name if you say it or spell it this way.
In all seriousness I'm a stay at home wife and mother who loves to take pictures of her family and document our lives. I've been scrapbooking since 1999 and was a paper scrapper for a long time and switched to digital in late 2007. I found it to be faster, especially with a new baby to take care of. These days my approach has become a hybrid of the two, a healthy mix of paper but with a lot of digital. I love designing on the computer and love that you can take a digital element and turn it in to whatever you need it to be. My favorite ways to scrapbook right now is to make pocket page albums, mini books and full size layouts. My love of paper and digital scrapbooking has allowed me the pleasure of designing for and contributing to several online scrapbooking classes and brands the past few years.

When I'm not scrapbooking I spend my free time sipping coffee, browsing Instagram, reading, binging shows online and cheering on my daughter from the soccer field sidelines. I’m a girly girl at heart and love fashion and makeup get a lot of my color inspiration from there.

Here is a list of places I have been featured or contributed to:


Contributor for Studio Calico's Toolbox Class - August 2013
Contributor for Studio Calico's Cutting Edge Class - October 2013
Guest Designer for Elle's Studio - December 2013


Studio Calico Project Life Creative Team Member
Contributor for Studio Calico's Day by Day Class - January 2014
Contributor for Studio Calico's Digital Basics Class - May 2014
Contributor for Studio Calico's Sketchbook with Kelly Purkey Class - May 2014
Contributor for Studio Calico's Beyond the Digital Basics Class - June 2014


Contributor for Studio Calico's Sparkle Class - January 2015
Contributor for Studio Calico's Make it Big Class - June 2015
Color Cast Designs Creative Team Member - started April 2015
Kelly Purkey Creative Team Member - started May 2015
Guest Blogger for One Little Bird Designs - August 2015
Contributor to Elle's Studio Monthly Mini Kit course - November 2015

Color Cast Designs Creative Team Member - ongoing
Kelly Purkey Creative Team Member - ongoing
Teacher at Big Picture Classes - Start the Year Right

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